Assists your body to fight flu symptoms

Oscillococcinum® can assist the body to fight flu symptoms such as body aches, pains, chills and fever at onset. Oscillococcinum® is non-habit forming, doesn’t cause drowsiness and contains no stimulants.


Oscillococcinum® is a homeopathic medicine that assists the body to fight flu symptoms such as body aches, pains, chills and fever at their onset1. Thanks to its homeopathic ingredients, Oscillococcinum® does not cause any drowsiness and has no expected drug interaction. Oscillococcinum® is suitable for use by adults, children, the elderly, and individuals on chronic medication.  Let the entire contents of the unit-dose dissolve in the mouth. Take one unit-dose per week throughout winter or at the first sign of flu symptoms, take one unit-dose every 6 hours.

Now also available in a 30 Dose Value Pack.

Contains sucrose and lactose. Persons intolerant to these ingredients should take this preparation only on advice from a practitioner.

Always consult your pharmacist or doctor if symptoms persist.

Oscillococcinum® Flu Granules, Box of 6 units of doses of pellets. Anas Barbariae Hepatis et Cordis Extr. 200 K Use in accordance with the principles of homeopathy. V.J. Bartlett, U 2151 (Act 101/1965). This unregistered medicine has not been evaluated by the SAHPRA for its quality, safety or its intended use. References: 1. Oscillococcinum in patients with influenza-like syndromes, R Papp et al. British homeopathic journal, April 1998, 87, 69-76
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